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Embodied multimodal interfaces and digital humans, e.g., virtual avatars and agents, become increasingly interesting for various novel human-computer interface paradigms. The EmbodimentLab establishes a Bavarian competence center for the creative development of related application use cases and the necessary technology involved. The EmbodimentLab provides a platform connecting industry with academia to initiate common research and application projects. Non-academic partners team-up with student groups to try-out new ideas for potential future products and applications. The lab supports a broad technology stack including various systems for 3D-body scanning, motion tracking, live animation and Virtual and Augmented Reality.


Winter Expo 2023/24
Save-the-date: The winter Expo will take place on the 9th February!
The HCI and PIIS group moved to a new Building!
Both groups can now be found in the Emil-Fischer-Straße 50 in Hubland North.
SPD Visit - HCI and PIIS Projects Demonstration
The HCI Chair and PIIS working group had the pleasure of hosting Bernd Rützel, Volkmar Halbleib, and Alexander Kolbow.
Summer EXPO 2023 Recap
The Summer EXPO 2023 for MCS/HCI, MK and GE was a great success! A large number of visitors were able to experience up to 120 different demos and projects.
Ubisoft - Behind the Scenes
We are happy to announce a guest talk from our cooperation partner Ubisoft about what it's like to develop (AAA) games as part of a large team. The talk will take place on 2.6. in the Turing Lecture Hall starting at 2 p.m.
HCI @ ARD Wissen
In the current ARD report 'Mein Körper. Mein (Mehr-) Gewicht' on the topic of body positivity and health risks of obesity, the HCI Chair was able to present the ViTras project, in which the psychological effect of VR/AR is used to increase the effectiveness of obesity therapy and to reduce the relape rate.
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Open Positions

Student Worker for our medical and biological projects
We are looking for a student worker to help with the development of our medical and biological projects.
Student Worker for ViLeArn more
Unity development and research support
Student Workers for the VHB courses
We are looking for student workers to help develop and administer two VHB online courses
Student Worker for the VIA-VR Project (ELSI)
We have an open position for a motivated student worker in the VIA-VR Project (ELSI).
Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in (m/w/d) für AIL AT WORK Projekt gesucht
Wir haben eine offene Stelle im wissenschaftlichen Dienst für das AIL AT WORK Projekt.
Student Workers for CoTeach Project
Unity development and research support
Student Worker for the VIA-VR Project (HCI)
We have an open position for a motivated student in the VIA-VR Project. Working in this position may involve developing VR applications as well as performing physiological measurements and analyzing them using machine learning methods.
Open Research and PhD Position (TVL E13 100%)
The HCI-group has an open position for a research assistant (and PhD candidate) in the general area of interactive systems and related research projects, e.g., VR, AR, avatars, or multimodal interfaces.
Student Workers for the PriMa Project
We are looking for student workers to help in the Privacy Matters Project!
Student Workers for the CoTeach Project
We are looking for student workers to help develop and investigate fully immersive learning environments

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