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Virtual Flight Education


The project Virtual Flight Education investigates the use of VR technology in pilot training. Factors of interest are the efficacy of a VR simulator for flight education and the successful simulation of stressful situations. Only if it is possible to simulate critical situations well and thus to generate stress virtually, virtual simulators can also be used in certified training. In cooperation with our industrial partner Airbus a physical flight simulator and a VR version will be tested against each other. In this project didactic paradigms will be analyzed, designed, developed and evaluated.


Within the project we compare expensive physical flight simulators to their cheaper Virtual Reality Twin concerning flight performance, attention guiding, situational awareness, and immersion. Could the Virtual Reality alternative replace or reform the way we train pilots in the future?

Another focus of investigation is the simulation of stressful situations: Critical training situations induce stress, and pilots must learn to cope with it. The project investigate if virtual stress simulation has similar effects to stress induction in a physical training setting. Could the Virtual Twin induce sufficient stress to train critical incidences?

Partners and Cooperations

Virtual Flight Education is a project of the XR Hub Bavaria and the Embodiment Lab in cooperation with Airbus.

Contact Persons at the University Würzburg

Carolin Wienrich
Group Human Technology Systems, University of Würzburg

Franziska Westermeier (Primary Contact Person)
Chair of Human-Computer Interaction, University of Würzburg

Larissa Brübach (Primary Contact Person)
Chair of Human-Computer Interaction, University of Würzburg

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